Method of Identifying Hydraulic Oil

  The deterioration of hydraulic oil has caused great damage to the hydraulic system In the case of no special testing instrument, there are several methods of testing.

  The first one, we can detect the water content of the hydraulic oil and identify the hydraulic oil. If the oil is milky white and cloudy, it shows that there is a lot of water in the oil. Secondly, we can use a clean, dry cotton dipped in a little oil, and the light it. If you can hear the sound or see the flash explosion phenomenon, which shows that the hydraulic oil contains water. The third method, if there is a clear metal particle suspended in the oil, and in the light, there is a reflective flash point, indicating that the hydraulic components have been seriously worn. Besides, for the hydraulic oil with high viscosity, it can be diluted with pure gasoline and filtered with clean filter paper. If a large amount of mechanical impurity is found on the filter paper, it indicates that the hydraulic components have been seriously worn out.

  In order to reduce the damage caused by the hydraulic oil metamorphism to the hydraulic system, we should identify the metamorphic hydraulic oil in time.