Let's see what cooling methods of your motor

As we all know, it's very important for the motor to cool, different motors and work situations need diffrent types of cooling.

Common cooling methods

Air cooling

Most of the motors use air cooling. It's enough for motor with small capacity natural cooling produced by rotor when it is rotated and drive tha air flew every parts of motor. However, it must apply ventilation equipments inside and outside to strenthen cooling to most of motors. The circulations of air can be produced by inside fans or single fan drived by the other machines.


The single fan is common electric fan or draught fan, made by proffessional manufacturers. It's the same as fans inside and the other parts of motor, it use centrifugal fans and screw propeller fans with demand.Centrifugal fans always hit the air from the middle to periphery, non business with veers; screw propeller fans hit the air to the opposite directions when the veer changes. So we should pay attention to this aspect.


Water cooling

Heat produced by quantity of wastage produced by motor diffuse the around air through the motor surface. To protect every part of motor from over highly temperature when it works under one situation. Sometimes we equipped with special aisle and water pipe in the most hot parts of motor in order to the circulate air put the heat inside to the surface cooled by the water.


Hydragon cooling

It often used in high speed motors. Higher several percent pressure than that of barometric pressure, H2 circulate inside depends on interior fans, and flow through the heating parts and pipe cooling cooled by water orderly.

DC 250KW.jpgOil cooling

Some motors, their immobile parts, even rotational parts use oil cooling. The oil circulate the interior parts and the cooler put outside.

DC 250KW.jpg