Integrated design can improve the overall performance of the three phase electric motor system

Integrated design can improve the overall performance of the three phase electric motor system.

Give an example:

1. motor design difficult to solve is easy to be solved through control. In order to improve the starting torque of asynchronous motor, the rotor slot of the motor is usually made into double cage slot and deep slot, etc., so as to increase rotor resistance and improve starting torque when starting, but the cost is to reduce the efficiency of normal operation. Under the control of frequency conversion, no special design is needed, and the starting torque of the motor can reach the maximum torque. For example, asynchronous motor has low power factor and low efficiency when running at low speed, and the power factor can be increased to near the rated power factor by weakening magnetic field control.

2. the problem which is difficult to solve is easy to be solved by the design of motor. If the position sensorless control of switched reluctance motor, a method is arranged on the rotor in the salient pole rotor in the gap, the gap alignment position, phase current appears obvious characteristic, can be determined by detecting the characteristics of rotor position; and if the switch reluctance torque ripple, the fundamental reason is that the convex rotor is just coincidence, there will be a torque jump control need to make the current rapid rise or fall to compensate for the mutation of the torque converter and the control tests are great, if the motor design makes the static torque changes slowly, can greatly reduce the difficulty of control.

3. motor itself can be used as the inductor of the main circuit of the converter. For example, the charging converter of an electric vehicle can be combined with the motor driver. When used as a charging converter, an inductor can suppress the ripple of the current, so the motor can be used as an inductor. So, when the motor is designed, it is necessary to consider the parameter requirements of the charging converter on the inductor.

4. can improve the fault tolerance of the system. General asynchronous motor fault causes the winding asymmetry, and the motor can not output stable torque. At this time, the controller can pass the proper asymmetric current, and also get the circular rotary magnetic field, and output stable torque.

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