Installation and maintenance Note

Installation and maintenance Note 

1, before use, please confirm whether the motor's appearance is damaged or not.

2. Please confirm the use of the voltage for the deceleration motor first. Voltage stabilizer can be added when the voltage is unstable.

3. Please confirm whether the specifications of the purchase speed motor are in conformity with the design specifications.

4. Please confirm the fixed seat to avoid loosening when driving.

5, if the use of sprocket, pulley, coupling and other accessories, must be installed in accordance with the relevant regulations.

6. The lubricating butter is placed in the motor body of the deceleration motor and the lubricating oil is not replaced for 12000 hours.

7. The rated current can not exceed the current value of the motor nameplate when the speed reducer is driven.

8, please pay attention to the surrounding temperature, humidity, acidity and alkalinity and other problems.

9. If it is not installed in the correct way, maintenance or operation will cause serious damage to the speed reduction motor.

10, when repairing or disassembling, it is necessary to confirm that the external power supply is completely removed from the deceleration motor.

11. The safety protection device must be installed to ensure the safety of the absolute operation.

12, the motor needs grounding wire, please refer to the distribution regulations.

13, please do confirm that all the installation parts and transmission parts are fixed, and then start the deceleration motor.

14. An independent auxiliary cooling fan should be installed if the deceleration motor is combined with the frequency converter at low speed.

15. The single phase deceleration motor remains partially charged in the capacitor after the power is broken. Please discharge or connect the terminal first.

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