Industrial Z4 series electric motor

Z4 series DC motor has more advantages than Z2 and Z3 series. It can be used not only for DC power supply, but also for static rectifier power supply. And small inertia, good dynamic performance, and can bear high load rate, especially suitable for the need of smooth speed, high efficiency, automatic stability control system, speed sensitive reaction, with the current international advanced level.

(1) basic structure

Z4 series DC motor with octagonal full laminated structure, not only the space utilization rate is high, and when using the static rectifier power supply, can withstand the current ripple and fast load current changes.

Z4 series DC motors generally do not have series winding, which is suitable for automatic control technology that needs positive and reverse. The series winding can be made according to the user's requirement. The center height of 100 ~ 280mm motor without compensation winding, but the center of the motor with high 250mm, 280mm according to the specific circumstances and needs can be made with compensation winding, center height of 315 ~ 450mm motor with compensation winding.

(2) cooling mode, structure and installation form

IC06: outside ventilation with a blower;

ICl7: the inlet of cooling air is pipe, and the outlet is louver exhaust;

IC37: the inlet and outlet of cooling air are all pipes;

IC611: totally enclosed air / air cooler;

ICW37A86: totally enclosed air / water cooler.

And there are a variety of derived forms, such as self ventilated type, axial fan type and closed type, air / air cooler type etc.. The machine seat number required by the motor cooling air volume and air pressure, and fan motor power data see table 1. The basic protection level of the whole series motor is IP21S.