Induced ventilation and enclosed ventilation for motors

When the motor installed in the closed machine room, machine room temperature will gradually increased, the temperature of the motor parts will also follow up, so it will lead to motor winding temperature higher than the allowable value when rise alternately.

Therefore, when the machine room is not large enough or the air in the workshop is not suitable for ventilation, it is necessary to bring cold air from the outside with the specially prepared trench (usually under the floor of the machine room).

The induced ventilation introduces the air from the outside into the enclosed motor, and then from the motor to the outside. Such ventilation is called the induced ventilation.

If the air in the plant of the device motor contains dust or any corrosive gas that is harmful to the windings, the induced ventilation must be of a type of wind.

Dust or corrosive gas will not enter the motor due to high pressure inside the motor.


Enclosed ventilated motor is always the air inside the air.

The air is heated in the motor and it flows through the cooler, which is cooled and then flows through the heating parts of the motor, and the cycle repeats.

In order to maintain within a closed system of a certain positive or negative pressure distribution, at the same time in order to filter the air supply system don't miss the air tight place, in the system a bit - contact - and the atmosphere through atmosphere.

The atmospheric contact is located in the area of negative pressure, where the filter equipment is installed to compensate for the missing air and reduce the risk of dust entering the motor.