how to deal with the scene of bearing ring

End cap bearing chamber wear reasons

● normal wear and tear of metal

This is an inherent property of the metal itself. Under normal load conditions, there are always large or small vibrations, and occasional short-time overload impacts, which inevitably result in loosening of the motor's cooperating parts. This includes the situation that the clearance between the bearing chamber and the bearing tends to increase. However, this normal tendency to loosening is not enough to cause fatal damage during the life of the motor, and some are even negligible.

End cap bearing chamber with the degree of cooperation


No matter how high the machining precision, the part can never meet the 100% mating surface of the part. Zooming in microscopically, the mating surface of the metal can only reach 35% -55%. Therefore, the bearing surface of the bearing chamber and bearing with a small area is to aggravate the root cause of metal fatigue wear.


Other factors cause damage to the bearing housing

Regardless of the normal wear and tear of the metal, or inevitable bearing with the bearing does not fit the site, as long as the design allows the range, can ensure that the motor long-term, safe operation. Non-Design Expected end cap damage to the chamber has a variety of specific special circumstances, common typical factors include:


● When the rotor shaft is bent and deformed, the amount of vibration of the bearing increases when the motor is running. The relative position of the motor cover and the bearing outer ring tends to slide from the beginning to the beginning.


Motor assembly process is poor, the motor rotor, bearings, end caps are not the same heart, resulting in increased vibration when the motor is running, and soon to make with the gap at the gap.


Motor assembly is not reasonable, running for a period of time bearing ring or outer ring loose, oversized bearing chamber size.

● When the motor is running, the bearing vibrates violently, causing the bearing housing to be damaged. The main causes of bearing vibration are: (1) three-phase current imbalance; (2) the unbalance of resistance reactance of each phase; (3) three-phase voltage imbalance; (4) motor phase loss operation; Run and so on.


Site solution

The measures to solve the wear of the motor end cap bearing chamber are mainly based on replacement, but for the smaller amount of wear, some enterprises use pad copper and pitting to quickly repair to resume production. In addition, some machining units also use a set of measures, which is often adopted when some motor end caps do not have spare parts.

Emergency pad copper and pitting repair is a quick and effective method, but can only solve a brief moment, the motor under load and operation will quickly cause wear and increase wear and tear, so that the motor vibration impact Safe operation.


New Technology for Nanomaterials Repair

New nanomaterials repair technology Carbon nano-polymer has excellent mechanical properties such as compressive strength, adhesion and tensile properties, as well as the "concession", anti-aging and anti-corrosive properties that the metal does not have Make up for defects in the actual use of metal materials.


Carbon nano-polymer used to repair motor cap housing has two main characteristics:

● with the traditional repair process are essentially different, is a new type of application technology, can not rely on the treatment of thinking of the metal;

Motor operation, by a variety of pressure, impact impact. Carbon nanopolymer material repair wear stress is the comprehensive mechanical properties, coupled with its unique "concession", precisely with a variety of shaft pressure and intensity of operation needs match.

Carbon nano-polymer repair technology advantages

● The carbon nano-polymer used is a paste, which can completely achieve 100% surface coordination after being repaired to avoid the gap.

● Carbon nano-polymer material can be realized after car, milling, planing, grinding and other machining, through different repair measures can restore the bearing chamber wear size.