High Voltage High Power hot sale YRKK series electric motor

YRKK series is a high voltage wound rotor motor (YRKK----- wound air cooled closed type induction motor)

YRKK series medium high voltage three phase asynchronous motor has the advantages of compact structure, high efficiency and high reliability. The new series of motors have advanced mechanical performance, electrical insulation performance, excellent manufacturing technology and convenient installation and maintenance.

YRKK series electric motors are suitable for driving all kinds of fans, compressors, pumps, crushing machine, cutting machine tools, transport machinery general machinery and other mechanical equipment, used as prime mover in mining, machinery, petroleum, chemical industry, power plants and other industrial and mining enterprises, such as the motor to drive the drum fan mill rolling machine, hoist, belt conveyor in order to provide the relevant technical information, and to sign the technical agreement, as the basis for the design of special motor, to ensure reliable operation of the motor.