find a good solution to the cause of iron core loss (1)

It is one of the key factors that affect the efficiency of the motor.

Motor iron loss including produced by the main magnetic field changes in the core basic iron loss, no-load core of additional or stray loss and resulting from the working current of the stator or rotor leakage magnetic field and the loss caused by harmonic magnetic field in the core.

After two generally classified as difficult to accurate quantitative calculation stray loss, the results given by the standard analysis calculation or recommended value or the measured to determine, is closely related between the stator and the air gap size, do not count towards the iron loss analysis.


The factors influenced on the iron core loss:

The basic iron loss occurs when the main magnetic field changes in the core.

The change can be the property of alternating magnetization, such as the motor stator or rotor tooth.

It can also be referred to as the rotational magnetization, such as the stator of the motor or the iron yoke of the rotor.

Both the alternating magnetization and the rotating magnetization will cause hysteresis and eddy current loss in the core.