Fan motor industry to explore mobile Web development

Mobile Internet e-commerce channels grew, the marketing coming together from all walks, whether retail, financial services, telecommunications, and textile, manufacturing, energy, FMCG, transport, almost any industry is associated with the mobile Internet. Blame, if not enough creative thinking to guide and transform the mobile Internet industry, the industry may lose its competitive edge in the game, what might be facing out of the crisis. Motor industry as China's traditional industries, has now become a modern production, the core of life, is an important link in the national economy. Fan motor as part of the small power motor industry in China, has formed a relatively complete industrial system.

As the global economic development and constantly improve people's living standard, small-power motors into the growing trends in the area of family life, increasing demand. Industry experts in the enterprise value propagation program, Mr Ma Fuliang pointed out in an interview, fan motor operating over the decades, with the aggravation of competition, traditional retailers has been insufficient to meet the market demand. At the same time, the age of the Internet wave sent him to wind, Ma Fuliang, taking advantage of the development of the fan motor vertical search engines. On one hand, and hope that through this APP to attract more industry to join and share and promote progress and innovation in the industry on the other, also wanted to provide consumers with a more open information platform, allow consumers to buy the rest assured that with the comfortable.