Explosion Proof Motors

Explosion proof motor for mine

(1) high power motor development: the largest installed capacity of the world's coal mining machine has more than 1200kW, the drive motor power up to 600kW; the maximum installed capacity of coal mining face of the scraper conveyor has more than 1500kW, the drive motor power has reached 725kW. The maximum power of the shearer driving motor in China is 400kW, and the maximum power of the drive motor is 315kW.

(2) the development of 3.3kV, 6kV and motor 10kV voltage level: This is because of the popularity of the comprehensive mechanized coal mining area after the crew to lengthen, resulting in voltage drop increases at the same time, the use of high power motor is required to improve the voltage level.

(3) the development of mine double speed motor: in order to adapt to the operation of high speed and low speed starting conveyors in coal mine work, foreign mine scraper conveyor is used double speed motor drive. The power range, performance index and the performance of matched control switch of domestic mine double speed motor have certain gap compared with the advanced level abroad.

(4) to improve the reliability of mine motor: the poor working conditions of mine explosion-proof motor, the motor is often heavy load starting, load change, voltage fluctuation, high ambient temperature and has certain corrosion resistance, which are affecting the operational reliability and service life of the motor.

(5) speed up the replacement of mine explosion proof motor.

(6) standard of unified mine explosion-proof motor.