Explosion Proof Motor

As you all know, explosion-proof motor is used in coal, oil, chemical and other explosive environment of the main electrical equipment.

The largest Chinese explosion-proof motor research and production base, national export base of mechanical and electrical products production enterprises is the most important in Beijing have their quality products Boyun business platform.

But do you know that the motor marked with EX mark is explosion proof motor?

In chemical and coal mining enterprises, flammable gases such as hydrogen, dust on the mine, etc., if encounter fire, light is heavy fire explosion. Therefore, the motor to be made explosion-proof, that is, the motor in operation or failure of the spark is confined to the motor shell, so the explosion-proof motor shell is very thick, very cumbersome, in order to prevent him from contact with the external combustible gas and so on, to achieve explosion-proof effect.

The first explosion proof motor was first issued by Germany in 1912, and the explosion proof motor was manufactured.

Explosion proof motor production started in early 50s in china. Jiamusi motor factory successfully produced the first batch of explosion proof motors in China in March 1953, and created the explosion proof motor industry in china.

Since 1958, a series of new explosion proof motor factories have appeared in china.

For more than 40 years, explosion-proof motor has been updated several times, basically can adapt to the coal, oil, chemical and other major industrial and mining departments.