Engine starting system

Composition of the Starter

DC motors are used to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy of battery input, producing torque.

Role of the transmission mechanism is the use of driving gear meshing engine flywheel ring gear, DC. Torque to the crankshaft, and promptly cut off power transmission between the crankshaft and the electric motor. Prevent the crankshaft from the electromagnetic

Control bodies are connected or cut between the starter and battery main circuit, and the drive pinion into or withdraw from the engagement. Some starter and control institutions also have pair of switches, can start to attach the ignition coil resistance short circuit to increase the starting car is no longer in use.

(2) force the mesh type starter. Is fork over human or electromagnetic clutch, mandatory driving gear meshing and exit the flywheel ring gear. Because of its simple structure, reliable operation advantages, is generally used by Hyundai.

(3) the electromagnetic meshing-type starter. It is driven by an electric motor inside the secondary poles of the electromagnetic force, attracts the armature for the axial movement, the drive gear to lighten the flywheel ring gear, starting after the end of the return spring armature, so drive gear out of flywheel ring gear, also known as mobile Starter armature. The diesel used to power cars.