Electrical equipment: energy-saving and emission growth of new energy to build twin engine

China's pattern of energy particularly electricity energy patterns need to be change, renewable electric energy became a focus of China's energy development. Supply and demand imbalances in energy and environmental pressures, electric power, energy saving and the development of new energy power to achieve the energy structure in China power energy structure and double optimization tools, power equipment, new energy, power transmission and transformation equipment will get higher economic development. Article 1 hour delay launch of this column, if you need to view the instant article, please purchase the end! Book now shakes the money

Pressure on the growth of prices of the raw materials for the power equipment industry, and energy-saving emission reduction and new energy for the electric power equipment industry development opportunities for growth. Energy-saving emissions prompted lost variable electric equipment high-end of: high pressure transformer, and high pressure switch, high-end lost variable electric equipment and high pressure frequency device, and no work compensation device, energy-saving power equipment will get high boom degrees; new energy became power equipment new of growth power: wind electric installed scale and PV industry capacity scale near 3 years average growth 100%, nuclear power installed future 10 is expected to has 15% of annual growth, corresponding power equipment will was high boom development.