electric motor problem of box cap fixing

The root cause of the larger holes in the lid of the box is:

1) the casting level of box seat and box cover is not enough to meet the configuration precision required by lean design.

2) the position accuracy and cognitive level of the borehole do not match the requirements of the high quality production.

The image is larger than the fixed hole, and the result has no reliable guarantee for the quality of the motor.

The factors and its influence on the hole of the coil motor

Most of the motor is screw holes and through holes. For the size and relative location of the screw holes, everyone will care a lot, but the degree of attention to the hole will be greatly reduced.

The common end cover and the frame connecting to the fixed hole

The end cover and the seat are positioned by the check, but in the circumferential direction, the location is relatively rough through the hole. If the hole is too large or the relative position does not meet the requirements, the assembly accuracy of the motor will not be high or the assembly can not be completed at all.

Through holes for fastening and connecting of end cover and bearing

The hole is used to fix the end cover and the inner and outer cover of the bearing. If the relative position of the hole does not meet the design requirements, it will directly lead to the failure to complete the assembly. For the assembly and reaming, the aperture is too large, and the circumferential position of the outer cover and the end cover of the motor is incorrect or unbeautiful after the appearance of the motor assembly.

Flange end cover flange

The hole is connected directly with the motor hub and equipment, if the relative position of the hole and the other hole does not meet, will cause the motor is unable to complete the installation, and equipment at the same time, because of the flange is auxiliary mounting surface of electric machines and equipment, if the hole is too large, will cause the auxiliary positioning effect is poor, resulting in motor and reliability equipment operation.

For this problem, if the motor's through-hole is larger than the design requirement due to special reasons, it should be fully communicated with the corresponding customers to ensure the consistency between the two apertures, so as to ensure the stability of the motor and equipment after installation.

Similarly, if there is a problem of passing the aperture to the size (i.e. the radius of pitch circle), it will affect the installation effect after the docking of the shaft and the equipment shaft, which is directly related to the quality of the motor bearing system, and it will also cause different degrees of influence on the equipment.

Motor mounting hole

This is a motor mounting hole is the key, which involves A, B, C and hole diameter are used directly by a user hole, the relative position errors of customers must not install, if the aperture will lead to motor axial or radial position is not stable, the end result is stability after installation of the motor is not good, will be the same the influence of vibration performance of the motor, there will be severe reliability problems.

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