electric motor parts description

The motor is composed of two basic parts, the stator (the fixed part) and the rotor (rotating part), which are separated by the air gap between them. Asynchronous motor is divided into two kinds of squirrel cage motor and winding type motor.

The stator structure of the squirrel cage motor:

1, seat: made of cast iron or cast steel, it plays a supporting role.

2, stator core: it is a cylinder made of ring shaped silicon steel sheet uniformly punched through the inner circumferential surface and laminated by a slot. Therefore, a uniformly distributed axial groove is formed on the circumference of the iron core, and is used for placing the stator winding.

The stator winding wire with insulation: the foreskin (such as enamelled wire etc.) around the same number of turns of the coil, subdivided into three groups according to certain rules will be placed in the axial symmetry coil of stator core slot, wherein each group is called a phase winding, which became the three-phase symmetric winding U1U2, V1V2. W1W2. According to the power line voltage and rated voltage of each phase winding of the stator winding can be connected into a Y shape or a triangular form.

The role of the stator: producing a rotating magnetic field and absorbing electrical energy from the power grid.

Rotor structure

1. Rotating shaft

2. Rotor core: a cylinder of silicon steel flush with a groove on the surface of the outer circumference, mounted on a rotating shaft.

3, rotor winding: placed in the rotor core slot, there are two forms: squirrel cage, winding type

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