electric motor hs code

Customs Code: HS code, for short for the coding coordination system. Its full name is International Convention for Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System, abbreviated as Harmonized System, abbreviated as HS.


1.to facilitate the regulation of goods by customs

Customs also need to pass the HS code to import and export commodities related regulation and statistics, or according to the different coding, the real statistics of goods, so that they can also implement related tariff collection.

2. Commodity Inspection

Through the HS code, the relevant inspection of the goods that need to be inspected can be carried out.

3. related taxes

Tax bureau, according to such HS code, can carry on the related tax collection of the commodity and so on.

It can be said that HS coding is also the main thing to have some of these functions in it. It is because of this effect that people begin to pay more attention to HS coding, and become a familiar code.

The HS code of electric motor: 

difference electric motor own difference HS code, our industrial three phase electric motor have 85015200 or 85015300 and so on.

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