Electric Motor

The motor industry is part of the machinery manufacturing industry


There are many varieties.

The related factors are complex.

The motor manufacturing process is complicated.

There are more types of raw materials used in motor manufacturing.

There are more tooling and tooling.

Basic motor manufacturing process

Mechanical processing technology. It mainly includes the main parts of the motor, such as the machining of the seat, the end cover and the shaft, the finishing of the parts of the stator and rotor, and the machining of other structural parts.

Iron core manufacturing process. It mainly includes the manufacture of armature and magnetic core, stamping process and insulation treatment, and the process of pressing the sheet into parts.

Winding processing technology. Winding manufacturing process includes coil manufacturing, winding embedding and insulation treatment.

The process of casting aluminum. The manufacturing process of squirrel cage rotor includes the core stacking of squirrel cage rotor, the manufacturing process of rotor cast aluminum and cage welding.

The manufacturing process of other parts. It mainly consists of commutator, slip ring and brush assembly process, including commutator, slip ring and brush parts manufacturing and parts assembly process.

Assembly process. The motor assembly process includes the balancing of the rotating parts, the bearing assembly, and the total assembly and adjustment of the motor.

The effect of manufacturing process on the performance of the product

In motor manufacturing plants, the quality of products made by the same design structure and the same batch of raw materials is often quite different. It can be seen from the test records of some factories and the use of the products that the difference of the motor's iron loss can reach about 40%, the difference of the line insulation resistance strength can reach 80%, and the service life of the motor winding can be a few times more different. The main reason for this problem is that the technology is not perfect enough to be processed according to the technological procedures.

The defects in the manufacturing process, such as rotor casting aluminum, exchanger pressing, winding inserting and insulation treatment, are not easy to be detected when parts are checked. If the defective parts are used in the products, the quality of products will be reduced and the life span will be shortened.

Nowadays, the scale of each type of enterprise is increasing and the automation level is increasing day by day, and the requirements for the operation reliability and quality stability of the motor used are becoming stricter and stricter. Therefore, adopting reasonable process plan and technological method and conscientiously carrying out it is an important condition to ensure the stability and reliability of the motor quality.