Electric airplanes poised

In addition to recently raised concerns of E-Fan Electric aircraft, Airbus and United Kingdom aircraft-engine maker, Rolls-Royce's cooperation, jointly producing a E-Thrust-electric aircraft. E-Thrust's goal is to achieve this goal, can carry 90 passengers flights two hours or longer. However, this also depends on storage battery technology breakthrough can be achieved in the future. Meanwhile, this concept will also be distributed to promote the concept, but one difference is that E-thrust is a hybrid aircraft. Two Airbus aircraft research and development can complement each other in the future development.

Tail E-Thrust with conventional Jet engines, wing on each side there are 3 power-driven propeller. Aircraft took off Shi, engine and 6 a propeller will speed operation, provides maximum lift; Dang arrived sailing height, Jet engine power will slightly declined, but still enough to promoted propeller and the for battery charging; began declined Shi, Jet engine and the propeller will close, let aircraft into glide State, head-on and to of air will put propeller into windmill as, for battery charging; landed Shi is main using propeller, if need additional power is can again started Jet engine. Advantages of the hybrid system is that it can enhance the bypass ratio (bypassratio), the air is after the introduction of Jet engines, flowing through the heart outside the (outer intake) air flow into the combustion chamber (intake) air flow rate.