difference between single phase and three phase electric motor

Single phase motor is widely used in refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, electric fans, hair dryer, vacuum cleaner and other household appliances.

Three phase motors are widely used in large fans, belt machines, hoists, etc.

Single phase AC motor rotation principle single phase AC motor has only one winding, and the rotor is squirrel cage. Single-phase electric cannot produce a rotating magnetic field. To make the motor can automatically rotate together, we can add a starting winding in the stator, the starting winding and the main winding is 90 degrees in space, is connected in series with a suitable capacitor start winding, the main winding current and the phase difference of 90 in the upper approximation is the so-called separation principle. In this way, two currents with a difference of 90 degrees in time are introduced into two windings which are different from 90 degrees in space. They will generate two phase rotating magnetic fields in space. Under this rotating magnetic field, the rotor can start automatically.

A three-phase AC winding asynchronous motor stator of the three-phase symmetrical windings AC Alternating current three-phase symmetric conductor, will produce a rotating magnetic field of rotor windings in the motor air gap in the space of a rotating magnetic field in the rotor conductor cutting magnetic lines, and determine the direction of induced EMF, induced electromotive force. The rotor conductor is closed and closed through the end ring, and the current is induced by the induction. The interaction between the induction current and the rotating magnetic field produces the electromagnetic force to judge the direction of the electromagnetic force. Electromagnetic force will produce electromagnetic torque on the rotor and drive the rotor to rotate. After a three phase AC induction motor is connected to three phase alternating current, a conventional structural element, the stator winding of a motor generates a rotating magnetic field and induces the rotor through alternating current, which is independent of the clock speed. So that the rotor generates electromotive force. The traditional signal generator is mostly made up of analog circuit, and the torque is formed by interaction. The Verilog HDL source program is programmed by Quartus II software, so that the rotor rotates. But there are some other factors.