Details of the production of a double voltage motor

1. Double voltage motor is out of plant according to high voltage connection

High voltage star connection low voltage angle connection is the most common line rule of three-phase asynchronous motor, because the proportion of high voltage and low voltage of most double voltage motor is 3:1, Y connection and delta connection can be realized simply. This common sense for any one of the industry is more simple, but must take care of the use of different levels of customers, even if the customer's careless possible motor failures are not allowed. Therefore, if the customer does not specify the requirement, the double voltage motor must be manufactured according to the Y connection mode.


2. The reasonableness of the fitting of the connector

Now most enterprises use three hole connection pieces to meet the different connection requirements of motors. When the dual voltage motor is out of the factory, the Y connection is adopted, which will be placed directly and fixed on the wiring board directly on the demand of the angle connection time and Y connection, so as to avoid the possible loss of the other packaging and the trouble of the later customers.


3. Necessity of wiring diagram

Y connection and delta connection are the terms of electrical machinery. To avoid possible errors, we must ensure that customers can get the correct wiring instructions when wiring. Some manufacturers will mark the diagrams of different voltage under the nameplate, while others will solve them in the connection boxes.