Design of AC motor test system

1 use of motor test-bed

Motor test is widely used in motor manufacturers of motor performance test and quality test, and test bench for high-performance need accurate control of motor-driven, using high performance control method for AC motor control, to meet the system requirements. Motor test is the most important part of Exchange parts, AC parts directly related to motor test performance. Currently, AC motor control methods there are many methods, such as direct torque control, neural network and fuzzy control, and so on. This article is from the angle of vector control, control of AC motor control are discussed.

2 development present situation and prospect of AC motor control

After the vector-control method of asynchronous motor in the 70 's, which has seen rapid development. Compared with AC motors, DC motors, have better dynamic speed control. Vector control is the use of coordinate transformation method for AC motor simulation of DC motor, controlled excitation current and torque current components, thereby receive dynamic as well as DC speed control. Because this method uses a coordinate transformation, so the hardware facilities of the high performance requirements.