Classification of reducer

Classification of deceleration motor

1. according to the classification of the motor, there are the following categories.

(L) AC (including a brake) motor: a three-phase AC motor (12OW 30kW) and a single phase AC motor (IW 1o2w).

(2) DC (including motor with electromagnetic brake): (a few watts to tens of kilowatts) and a permanent magnet (a few watts to several kilowatts DC motor).

(3) AC (straight) flow servo motor.

(4) all kinds of control motor and special motor.

2. according to the gear box transmission mode, the main categories are the following categories.

(L) gear transmission: including helical gear, worm and worm, cone (umbrella) gear, and planetary gear. Gear transmission is the most classic transmission. The efficiency of single stage transmission is up to 98%. The structure is simple, the reliability is high, the life span is long (the design life is 20 years), and the power range is large (up to 30kW).

(2) cycloid needle wheel: using the principle of planetary transmission, the cycloid wheel is meshing with the needle wheel, realizing the simultaneous meshing transmission of multiple teeth and avoiding the possibility of breaking the teeth. It has compact structure, small volume, large transmission ratio, one level speed ratio up to 1:119, and an average efficiency of more than 9O% for single stage transmission.

(3) harmonic drive: the mechanical wave is generated by the harmonic generator, and then the relative displacement between the teeth is generated by the deformation of the flexible gear to achieve the purpose of transmission. The advantage is that the single stage transmission ratio can reach 1:50, the meshing tooth number is many, the bearing capacity is high, the volume is small, the quality is light, and the single stage transmission efficiency is printed up to 1. 1 9O%. But the flexible wheel is made of thin wall structure, and the heat treatment is required to work in the state of repeated deformation. At present, it is generally used for medium and small power transmission, and the power of the motor is below 10kW.

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