feature of gear motor

Characteristics of gear motor

The gear motor inputs the pressure oil when it produces the torque and the rotation direction of the gear, and the gear motor can output torque and speed. It has the following characteristics:

1, the incoming and back oil channel is symmetrical and the aperture is the same, so that the performance is the same as the positive and reverse.

2, the use of leakage holes, on the one hand, because the motor back oil back pressure, on the other hand, because the gear motor is reversing the return oil chamber also changes each other. If the oil is used internally, the shaft end oil seal will be washed out easily. So the gear motor is best used for leakage holes.

3, for the structure of the floating side plate with automatic compensation for axial clearance, it must meet the requirements of both positive and negative reversals. Meanwhile, the trapped oil unloading groove must also be arranged symmetrically.

4, with more rolling bearings, the main purpose is to reduce friction loss and improve the starting performance.

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