Cause of Failure of Bearing Cage

  Many of the bearing are damaged not because of the life of the bearing itself, but because of many external conditions. There are a few common reasons.

  • Bearing lubrication deficiency: This is the most common fault in the motor, some because the motor manufacturers do not fully understand the operating conditions of the motor, the choice of grease does not meet the requirements, more is the motor customers failed to fill the requirements of grease.

  • Bearing impact load: The violent vibration in the impact load causes the rolling body to impact the cage. This problem is more common in the motor of the matching ball mill. In order to avoid this problem, many motor manufacturers will replace the ball bearing into column bearings, the problem has been basically solved.

  • Cleanliness of bearings: Due to improper protection in the process of assembly or use of the motor, dust enters, which results in serious friction between the rolling body and the cage, thus causing damage to the cage.

  • The installation: The bearing is not installed correctly and the cage is damaged during installation. This kind of problem exists in many machinery factories. It is suggedted thst the bearing manufacturers communicate regularly with the customers of the bearings, and through the necessary and reasonable tooling design and supplement, the similar problems will be much fewer.

  • Bearing creep phenomenon: In the case of insufficient interference on the matching surface, the load point moves around due to sliding, which leads to the deviation of the ring relative to the axis or the outer shell to the circumferential direction, which is often referred to as the running circle problem.

  • Abnormal load of bearing cage: Due to the problems of improper installation, inclination and excessive interference, it is easy to reduce the clearance of the bearing, aggravate the friction and heat, and result in the softening of the bearing surface and the appearancen of abnormal exfoliation.