Bearing Packing

   The packing and transport of bearings is very important. Today we will talk about the packaging of bearings commonly used in motors. 

  • Small and miniature bearings: Many of the bearing manufacturers adopt the assembly method for small and miniature bearings, but it can ensure that there is no direct collision between the bearings and the bearings. For this requirement, the motor manufacturer can reach an agreement with the bearing supplier to make a request for the minimum packing quantity of the small bearing, so as to facilitate the storage and protection requirements of the bearing in the actual production and processing process.

  • Medium bearing: Some bearings manufacturers use polyrthylene film or Kraft paper for external packaging, and single sets of bearings are packed directly after folding with polyethylene film bags. For motor manufacturers, each purchase of bearings may not be able to run out in a very short time, so we still prefer independent packaging.

  • Large bearing: Large bearibgs shall be packed in a single package,and use polyethylene film or polyethylene composite paper packaging, then use independent packaging boxes. In particular, due to the heavy weight of the large bearing, it should be added on the basis of packing boxes to ensure the convenience of bearing handling. For the packaging of large bearings, the manufacturers have their own characteristics, such as the outer packaging of the material requirements, anti-counterfeiting signs and so on.

  • Large cylindrical roller bearing: Cylindrical roller bearings can be split, so their packaging can be divided into two types: (1): Split packing: Many bearing manufacturers use split packaging, the use of foam is to isolate the bearing parts and to ensure that the bearing is not damaged in the process of transport. (2): Integrated packaging: It is consistent with the packing method of ball bearings, but because of its packaging, if there are some unfavorable factors such as bumps in the transportation process, it is likely to lead to repeated collision between ball and bearing ring.

  Relative to other products, the packaging and transportation of bearings are very important, regardless of the bearing manufacturers or motor manufacturers, without exception, we can not leave the transport link, we must fully communicate with the transport side and take the necessary preventive measures.