Bearing assembly is the key to motor manufacturing

Pre-installation preparation

● Before installing the bearings, you must first prepare clean and dry workplaces, tools, gauges, lubricants, and clean rags. In particular, when installing micro and small ball bearings, precision bearings, etc., if mixed with garbage, foreign matter, etc., will have a great impact on the performance of the bearing, so the installation work is best carried out in a clean room.

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In addition, stains, burrs, and metal shavings on shafts, bearing housings, and related parts and installation tools should be removed prior to bearing installation. At the same time, check the dimensional accuracy, shape accuracy, and roughness of the bearing mounting surface to ensure that it is within the allowable tolerances.

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 Bearings must be unpacked immediately before installation. In general, when using grease lubrication, it can be installed and used without washing the rust inhibitor. However, when using oil lubrication, even in the case of using some grease lubrication, the rust inhibitor on the bearing must be washed with a clean washing oil, until the washing oil is completely dry or the cleaning oil is completely wiped clean Installation to prevent the lubricant and rust inhibitor from mixing, affecting the lubrication function.