application of synchronous electric motor

Because the synchronous motor can adjust its excitation current to make it run under the advanced power factor, it is beneficial to improve the power factor of the power grid. Therefore, large equipment, such as large blower, water pump, ball mill, compressor, rolling mill and so on, is usually driven by synchronous motor. This advantage is especially outstanding when the low speed large equipment adopts synchronous motor. In addition, the speed of the synchronous motor is entirely determined by the frequency of the power supply. When the frequency is certain, the speed of the motor is also certain, and it does not change with the load. This feature is of great significance in some transmission systems, especially in the multi machine synchronous transmission system and the precision speed control system. The stability of the synchronous motor is also high. The synchronous motor is generally run in the state of overexcitation, and its overload capacity is larger than that of the corresponding asynchronous motor. The torque of asynchronous motor is directly proportional to the square of voltage, while the torque of synchronous motor depends on the product of internal electromotive force generated by voltage and motor excitation current, which is proportional to the primary side of voltage only. When the grid voltage suddenly drops to the rated value of 80% when the torque of asynchronous motor is decreased to about 64%, and stop with real load; and the torque of synchronous motor is not decline, but also through forced excitation to ensure stable operation of the motor.

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