Application of speed switch on motor

Overspeed protection switch

The over-speed protection switch is an over-speed protection device, which was originally applied to the loss-of-magnetism protection of the DC motor and avoids accidents caused by loss of magnetization. With the popularization of variable frequency speed control motors such as YZP, YVF, and YTS, the overspeed protection switch has become an ideal speed control device that restricts rotating machinery, lifting and hoisting systems and other devices that require safety protection, and is combined with a DC speed measuring generator and encoder to form Speed signal generation and control system.


Vintage and new speed switch

Old-fashioned overspeed switch structure is relatively simple, the input shaft rotates with the motor, when the motor speed reaches the overspeed switch action value, the centrifugal hammer touches the normally closed contact open, the normally open contact is closed, but the centrifugal hammer needs manual reset switch .


Similarly, the new overspeed switch input shaft also rotates along with the motor. When the set speed is exceeded, the centrifugal hammer touches the normally closed contact and the normally open contact is closed. When the main power supply is disconnected, the motor speed decreases; When the motor speed falls back to safety At speed, the rotary hammer is automatically reset, the main power is turned on, and the motor resumes normal operation.