Application of soft start

According to the classification of motor load and speed change, soft start is used to load changes greatly and does not allow the change of the speed of equipments such as port belt conveyor, belt conveyor, belt conveyor equipment, cement escalators, without elevator inverter, rolling equipment, conveying all kinds of industrial machinery etc.

Variable load equipments such as central air conditioning unit, six angle machine, milling machine, grinding machine, forming machine, punching machine, polishing machine, hanging machine, cutting machine, compressor, compressor, oil pumping machine, electric sewing machine, food mixer, plastic mixing machine / mixer, injection molding machine, forging machine, concrete board molding machine, rubber molding machine, chemical industry equipment, agricultural equipment, textile machinery, papermaking equipment, industrial machinery, food machinery and other heavy industry.

The soft starter characteristic is briefly introduced as follows: the air compressor large capacity motor enters the energy saving operation state when light load. When the input voltage is unbalanced, it can automatically adjust the phase current balance, reduce the motor heating and prolong the service life. The centrifugal pump uses the pump control function to reduce the system surge caused by the liquid flow shock when starting and stopping, so as to save the maintenance cost of the system. Bridge crane - the use of double slope starting to achieve the most effective acceleration process control, increase productivity and reduce damage to the product. Belt conveyer and automatic transmission line - use soft start and preset low speed operation to realize smooth start, avoid product shift and liquid overflow. Ventilator - use soft start to replace old electromechanical starter, reduce belt wear and mechanical impact, save maintenance cost. Smashing machine - the use of plugging and stall protection to avoid mechanical failure or blocking caused by overheating of the motor. The shredder - the use of soft start instead of autotransformer starting, helps to reduce the impact on the power grid and save energy. Mixer - using two slopes to start and advance speed, avoid mechanical failure, save energy, and do not need frequency converter drive.