Appearance of high voltage motor

High voltage motor refers to the motor with rated voltage above 3 thousand and 300 volts. Each country selects the rated voltage of the high voltage motor according to the voltage level of the national power grid. Our country often uses 6000V and 10000V voltage. In the early stage, we only produce 6 thousand volt high voltage motors, so we can only use 6 thousand volt high voltage motors, and then produce 10 thousand volts high voltage motors. Most of the motors currently choose 10 thousand volts. For example, in the oil field in our country, for the use of early 6 thousand volt high-voltage motor, specially set up 6 thousand volt power supply system, and the 10 thousand volt motor oil production, do the transformation of the power supply system, because the normal power supply system in China has a 10 thousand volt level power supply system at this level, so the 10 thousand volt high voltage motor production greatly convenient for the power supply. Because of the different power grid in foreign countries, there are 3300V and 6600V power supply systems, so there is a high voltage motor that is used to match it.

Why do you want to use a high voltage motor? This is because the product of motor power and voltage and current is proportional to the electrical power increases to a certain extent (such as 300KW/380V) if still using low voltage and large current will start running, in manufacturing, and transportation distance aspects by allowing the endurance limit of the wire, or the cost is too high or very inconvenient to use the normal operation. In this way, high power output is achieved by increasing the voltage.

High voltage motors can be used to drive a variety of different machines. For mine, machinery industry, petrochemical industry, generator and other industries as the original motive. When the high voltage motor is ordered, the purpose of the motor is to be explained. The load is different, and there are different requirements for the motor itself and the motor start cabinet.

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