Angular contact bearing installation

In theory, angular contact bearings installed on the shaft or non-shaft extension can meet the load requirements, but the specific installation at which end should consider the following factors:

1) assembly process Angular contact bearings can withstand axial force in the fixed direction, the opposite direction of the external force can easily damage the bearings. Therefore, the assembly should strive to avoid harmful axial force.

2) load capacity with the specifications of the angular contact bearing radial load capacity as ball bearings, it is more reasonable to install the non-shaft extension.

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How to choose angular contact ball bearings

Angular contact ball bearings can bear both radial and axial load, the greater the contact angle, the higher the axial load capacity. Contact angle is divided into three kinds of 15 °, 25 ° and 40 °, accounting for the total axial force and radial force size, considering the optional bearing specifications, load size and nature, to determine the appropriate contact angle angular contact ball bearings. When a single angular contact ball bearings can not meet the requirements, the choice of pairs of double-mounted angular contact ball bearings.

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