Analysis on import and export energy-efficient motor the motor growing demand

A dominant role in southern Guangdong province to shake, exports reached 2.953 billion dollars, an increase of 2.3%, exports accounted for more than 39.7%, the second for Jiangsu Province, exported $ 1.394 billion, roughly flat with the previous year, Zhejiang Province (1.182 billion dollars, a drop of 1.4%) and Shanghai (US $ 544 million, a drop of 7.5%) was third to fourth. Anhui Province exports are smaller (77.47 million dollars), but by a relatively large (19.6%). Overall, nearly two years China's electric motor export reached a certain scale at around the 500 number of enterprises, domestic export enterprises and brands of Shanghai special wave motor, Jinlong electrical machinery, Wolong electric, an Bo motors and ABB, Watson, Ocean motor and so on. Through competition and transformation of enterprises more competitive, but also conducive to the orderly development of the market.

In 2016, the international economic situation is still not optimistic, the international financial crisis, European debt crisis, deterioration of the external policy environment reality difficult to relieve, higher prices for industrial raw materials, numerous adverse factors such as shrinking demand and raw materials will restrict the exports of motor. Meanwhile, industry concentration, market competition, product quality and other factors remained the key factor affecting profits. System reform of China's export enterprises are in the motor business, changes in export policy, trade barriers and rising raw material costs and other challenges and opportunities in the environment. But in the long run, motor still in the phase of high growth in demand in the international market, especially for energy-efficient motors and motors, such as growing demand for high-end exports.