Air - air cooler fan maintenance

Regular inspections, the operation of anomalous sound and vibration; rotating parts with or without overheating, loose.

● regular maintenance: a comprehensive examination of the zero, the fastened parts of the state Duct and impeller radial clearance check; blade angle and the blade along the fan axial runout; remove the fan blade surface oil.

● Precautions for use: The angle of the fan should not exceed the specified angle adjustment range to prevent the motor from overloading. During each inspection and replacement of the motor, the phase of the motor must be taken into consideration. Ensure that the fan impeller rotates clockwise when looking down.


Radial and mixed ventilation

Due to the large and medium-sized high-voltage motor stator and rotor core have radial and axial air duct, according to the direction of motor cooling air flow inside the motor ventilation can be divided into two types of radial ventilation and mixed ventilation.

The hybrid ventilation system generally belongs to the series air duct. The length of the air duct is long, the wind resistance is high and the wind pressure is reduced. A large-size fan needs to be installed at one end to increase the ventilation rate, but the following adverse consequences are likely to occur:

● fan loss increases;

● the core ends of the air duct cross-section width asymmetry;

● Ventilation Road, the smallest area, the core temperature difference between the two ends.


Radial ventilation, on the whole, belongs to the wind resistance of the series air duct in one, and then in parallel, the wind resistance is greatly reduced and reduced. Has the following advantages:

● make full use of the rotor can produce wind pressure parts of the ventilation slot and the rotor width of the wind board to produce pressure;

● With turning wind resistance less, short wind, wind pressure decreases and the characteristics of low fan loss;

● have a good energy saving effect.