ac induction slip ring re-rolling mill motor suppliers

ac induction slip ring re-rolling mill motor suppliers

Slip Ring type motor is a kind of asynchronous motor. 

The three-phase asynchronous motor consists of two basic parts of the stator and the rotor.

Stator is the fixed part of motor, which is used to produce rotating magnetic field. It is mainly composed of stator core, stator winding and pedestal.

Rotor is the rotating part of motor, which is composed of rotor core, rotor winding and rotating shaft. Its function is to obtain rotational torque under the action of rotating magnetic field. The rotor betwccn structure for squirrel cage rotor and winding type rotor.

Major category editors

Many kinds of asynchronous motors, from different angles have different classification.

According to the number of stator phases with single-phase asynchronous motor, three-phase asynchronous motor.

According to the rotor winding, winding type can be divided into two types and squirrel cage. The squirrel cage asynchronous motor, and a single cage, double cage and deep trough points.

According to the size of the motor or power, divided into large, medium, small and small power motor.

According to the motor protection is divided into open type and closed type, protection.

In addition, it can also be classified according to the ventilation, cooling mode, installation structure, insulation grade, working mode and so on when the motor is running.