YRKK Series 3-phase High Voltage Induction Motor
YRKK Series 3-phase High Voltage Induction Motor
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Product Introduction:

The frame of the YRKK Series 3-phase high voltage induction motor is made of steel plate welded structure, which makes the motor have the characteristics of good rigidity and light weight. The optimized design of the motor structure also makes the series motors have the advantages of easy installation and maintenance.

The fixed and rotor flushing sheets are made from low loss non oriented cold rolled silicon steel sheets. The stator insulation level is F. The stator coil ends are secured by reliable binding. After the end wiring of the coil is completed, the interturn pulse voltage test is needed. The advanced vacuum pressure impregnated solventless varnish (VPI) process is applied.

The series motor adopts two kinds of rolling bearing and sliding bearing, depending on the power and speed of the motor.

The development of series motors adopts advanced analysis technology. The high quality materials and scientific processing technology are used in manufacturing, making the series motors have the advantages of high efficiency, low noise, small vibration, high reliability and convenient installation and maintenance.

The basic design of IMB3 series motor is installed with horizontal feet, working for S1.

Normally, there are two basic levels of protection for the motor: IP44, IP54.

The cooling mode of the series motor is usually IC611.

If the customer needs other forms of installation, protection or cooling, special technical agreements can be signed at the time of order.


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