Wire Drawing Machine Motor
Product Details

Motor types: YRKK Series;

Rated voltage: 6KV/10KV;

Frequency: 50 Hz or 60Hz;

Protection Degree: IP54, IP44

Cooling Method: IC611;

Mounting: IMB3; 

Altitude above sea level: ≤1000M;

Temperature: ≤40°C. 


YRKK series three phase induction motors are used in the locations where there aren’t flammable, explosive, corrosion gas, altitude up to 1000m above sea level and ambient temperature does not exceed 40℃, the rated frequency is 50 Hz, 60Hz and other voltage motors also can be made as the clients demand. Mounting arrangements are IMB3. The bearings adopt rolling bearings or sliding bearing according to the motor output power and speed. The protection class of YRKK series is IP54. The cooling method is IC611.

Before buying, please attention:

 1.Please indicate the electric motor type, rated output, rated voltage, rated frequency, synchronous speed, Explosion proof  Mark, mounting type, rotation direction(view from the shaft extension side)Use of the environment(indoor or outside)If the user haven't point out the rotation and environment, normality we think is CW rotation and used indoor. 

2.when user have special requirements, For example: Dispose the stator, bearing explosion proof and bearing temperature sensors, space heater, Plateau use, special frequency, mounting size change, special output, the user must ,order can be confirm after signing the technical agreement with engineering department .

3.The catalogue is only for reference, and there may be variations.

4.This range of motor can also be made into Variable-Frequency motors, the range of frequency of which is 50HZ or 60HZ ,the output and overall dimensions should be confirm separately.

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