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YRKK series 10kv HT high voltage ac slip ring motor for sale for sale is used to drive Windlass, Press machinery, Crusher, Stock-removing, draw benches and other general-purpose machinery. They can serve as the prime movers in steel, mines, mechanical industries, blower, compressor, transportation, building materials industry, etc.

constructional feature

1,Series YRKK large type high voltage three phase induction motors are designed and manufactured as box-shape construction welded by steel-plate and end bracket type spherical sleeve bearing. Such motors engineered with many remarkable feature such as powerful load ability, easy mounting and maintains etc. It may be obtained the different degree of protection and cooling ways by replacing the different top hood.

2,The stator adopt external pressure assembly construction and insulation is class F. The stators with winding are vacuum-press-impregnated. The VPI process enables the stator windings to process excellent electrical and moisture-resistant ability.

3,Rotors are adopted the construction of squirrel cage copper bars. Adopt with the advanced welding technology and reliable measures that can prevent the bars from breaking between guide bar and end ring.

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