Rolling Mill Motor
Product Details

Product Description:

YR series medium sized high voltage three phases asynchronous motors are our optimized product series adopted the technical standard of high voltage three-phase asynchronous motors and established on the basis of our experience of manufacturing high voltage motors.

These series motors adopt fine materials, excellent workmanship and features low operation cost, low noise, low vibration, high reliability and convenience for installation and maintenance.

In respect to type of mounting the motors of these series are of IMB3 horizontal with feet, satisfying the requirements of GB997.


They may be used for windlass, press machines, drawing machines, etc.


Operation Conditions:

Altitude:  =< 1000m;

Ambient temperature: -15- 40℃

Rated voltage: 6KV,10KV

Rated power: 220KW

Rated frequency:50HZ

Synchronous Speed: 1500r/min

Protection Degree: IP23

Cooling Method: IC01

Insulation class: Class F

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