OEM Newest Wound Rotor Electric Motor
OEM Newest Wound Rotor Electric Motor
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Product Introduction:

YR series high voltage asynchronous motor is designed according to IEC standard and national standard. It can adapt to different environment. The high pressure is 3, 6 and 10 thousand volts, and the low pressure is all. It is widely used in various fields, such as metallurgy, machinery, energy, transportation, light textile, petrochemical, marine and so on.

YR series high voltage three-phase asynchronous motor H355 - 630, 10KV

The power level, installation dimension and electrical performance index of this series of motors meet the national standard GB755, basic technical requirements of rotary motor, IEC IEC standard and the latest standard of mechanical and electronic industry department. The mechanical dimensions of this series of motors are in conformity with the national standard GB1800 - 1804 and the ISO standard of the International Standardization Committee. This series of basic motor installation with foot IMB3 structure is horizontal, with GB997 and IEC34 - 7 "motor structure and installation of the form" provisions of the code.