Fan Cooling Ac Electric Motor
Fan Cooling Ac Electric Motor
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Product Introduction:

YR series motor is a kind of fan cooling ac electric motor, that has the advantages of simple structure, convenient manufacturing, use and maintenance, reliable operation, small quality and low cost. Asynchronous motors are widely used in driving machine tools, pumps, blowers, compressors, hoisting and hoisting equipment, mining machinery, light industry machinery, agricultural and sideline products processing machinery and most other industrial and agricultural production machinery, household appliances and medical devices.


Frame size (such as: YR 3551-4)          Mounting Type(IMB3)

Rated Power (220kw or on your request)   Protection Degree (IP23)

Rated Voltage (6000v or on your request) Cooling Method (IC01)

Rated Frequency (50Hz)                   Insulation Class (Class F)

Synchronous Speed (1500r/min or on your request)   

Ambient Conditions (altitude should not be over 1000m above sea level, ambient temperature varying with Seasons should not exceed 40 degree)