YKS Series Long-Life Closed Squirrel Cage Efficient Motor
YKS Series Long-Life Closed Squirrel Cage Efficient Motor
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Product Introduction:

YKS series of high-voltage three three-phase asynchronous motor is a closed air cooler squirrel-cage motor. Protection class IP44 or IP54 or IP55. The motor has the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving, low noise, small vibration, light weight, reliable performance and so on. They are easy to install and maintain. This motor is used to drive a variety of mechanical equipment, such as blowers. Compressors, pumps, crushers, etc., can be used as coal, machinery industry, power plants and a variety of industrial enterprises, the main driving force.

The structure and mounting type of the motor are continuous on duty IMB3 (SI). Rated frequency of 50Hz, rated voltage of 6000V, 10000v other voltage requirements or special requirements should be with the seller in the order.

From the shaft extension of the 2p motor clockwise operation, the user requires the counterclockwise operation should be clearly stated in order.

Air cooling and water cooling are different forms of cooling of the motor, depending on the use of the situation there is a difference between the overall requirements of the generator and the use of different cooling forms; in the design of the motor design is necessary procedures, the general use of natural Air-cooled; natural air-cooled is not enough, the use of forced air-cooled, not enough to use water-cooled; air-cooled motor environment adaptability is better to adapt to all the application environment. The water cooling machine on the environmental requirements are more complex structure, manufacturing is relatively large; the same technical parameters of the motor, water-cooled small size, light weight, energy density.

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