YKS Series HV Electric Motor
YKS Series HV Electric Motor
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Product Introduction:

The cooling mode of the motor is divided into air cooling, water cooling, oil cooling and so on.

1. Type of motor ventilation system:

The stator ventilation structure is divided into single wind area, multi wind area, positive ventilation and reverse ventilation.

In the form of ventilation, it is divided into fan ventilation, external (or frequency conversion special) fan ventilation, natural ventilation and so on.

2. The water cooled motor is mainly used for high voltage motor, deep well pump motor and so on.

3. The oil cooled motor is mainly used for special pump motor, such as shielding pump, etc.

This YKS series HV electric motor, is a kind of water cooled electric motor.


Frame size(such as:YKS3551-4)  Mounting Type(IMB3)

Rated Power(220KW)                     Protection Degree(IP44/IP54)

Rated Voltage(6000v)                   Cooling Method(ICW81A)

Rated Frequency(50HZ)               Insulation Class( Class F)


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