Water Cooling Electric Motor
Water Cooling Electric Motor
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Product Introduction:

The basic principle of the water cooled motor is to take away the heat of the heating part with the circulating water, so that the heating part can be maintained at the normal working temperature. 

A water cooling electric motor, a stainless steel sleeve is fixed on the motor casing, the seal cavity is formed between the motor shell and stainless steel sleeve, cavity is provided with a water inlet and a water return hole; a water inlet hole and backwater hole opening at the lower end between the motor shell and stainless steel sleeve cover, the backwater hole is installed on the cooling water return pipe; between the motor shell and the stainless steel sleeve is fixedly connected by a flange, and a O type sealing ring is arranged at the connection in the motor shell and stainless steel sleeve. The adoption of the above structure, the inner part of the motor to remove the cooling fan, keeping the other structure in the motor constant, outside set motor housing on a stainless steel sleeve, when used in motor external device with circulating water in the new structure of the water inlet hole and the backflow hole, cavity cooling circulating water by cooling water the water inlet hole flowing between the motor housing and stainless steel sleeve, water circulating device of circulating cooling water through the reflux hole flow to the motor.