IP55 High Voltage Electric Motor
IP55 High Voltage Electric Motor
Product Details


Product Introduction:

YKK-series IP55 high voltage electric motor is enclosed squirrel-cage motor with an air-air cooler. 


Frame size(such as:YKK3551-4)                  Mounting Type(IMB3)

Rated Power(185W)                                     Protection Degree(IP54)

Rated Voltage(6000v)                                   Cooling Method(IC611)

Rated Frequency(50HZ)                               Insulation Class( Class F)

Synchronous Speed(1500r/min)  Ambient Conditions(altitude should not be over 1000m above sea level, ambient temperature varying with seasons should not exceed 40 degree)

Please note:

In order to ensure the normal operation of high voltage motor, besides regular monitoring and maintenance during normal operation and operation process, we should check regularly and do well in motor maintenance. In this way, some faults can be eliminated in time, and the faults can be prevented, and the motor can be operated safely and reliably. The time interval of regular maintenance may be determined by the use of the environment according to the form of the motor.

Find out the problem and deal with it in time. 

Generally speaking, the working life of the high voltage motor is very long, as long as it is used correctly, it is properly maintained, and the fault is handled in time.