Y Series Cast Iron Three Phase Induction Electric Motor
Y Series Cast Iron Three Phase Induction Electric Motor
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Product Introduction:

The structure and the mounting type is of IMB3 with continuous duty(s1).The rated frequency is 50HZ and rated voltage is 6000V, 10000V, other voltage requirement or special requirement should be negotiate with manufacturer before order is placed.

Its application on the crusher, one of the following points:

(1) after the motor is connected to the power supply. When the motor is not turned, the power is disconnected immediately, the cause is found out and the fault is excluded to start again, and the reason that the electric motor is not allowed to turn off is not allowed.

(2) the motor in the same line, especially the motor with large capacity, is not allowed to start at the same time. The operation order of technology is to move flat or to start the motor from large to small, so as not to cause multiple simultaneous startup, resulting in a sharp increase in line current, resulting in too low voltage, leading to difficulties in starting or switch tripping.

(3) when the crusher motor starts, it is necessary to observe whether the rotation force of the motor meets the requirements of mechanical load (such as pumps and slurry pumps), and some loads are marked with direction nameplates to see if they are identical. If the direction is opposite to the requirement, the power supply should be disconnected immediately. Change any two of the three three-phase power lines to each other.

(4) the number of motors starting should be reduced as much as possible, and no load continuous startup can't exceed 3~5 times per minute. After the motor runs for a long time, it will start again after shutting down, and its continuous number should not exceed 2~3 times per minute.

(5) after starting the motor, we should pay attention to observe whether the motor voltage of the crusher is normal, whether the current is suitable, whether the three-phase current is balanced, whether the transmission load is normal, and whether the running sound is normal. If the problem is found, the motor of the crusher should be stopped in time, and the operation can be started after the reason is found out and the fault is excluded.