Low Cost Traditional Silp Ring Electric Motor
Product Details

Voltage: 6Kv,10Kv

Frequency: 50Hz / 60Hz

Cooling: IC01

Protection: IP23

Insulation class: F

Package: high voltage electric motor JR-3 -2

high voltage electric motor JR-3 -2(001).jpg

Feature and usage:

JR series of winding rotor three-phase asynchronous motor is the old series of motors and YR is the new type, electromagnetic calculating the insurance coefficient, strong overload capacity.

JR and YR series motor using total pressure rotor resistor string starts with a startup current, starting torque, they are efficiency, low noise, little vibration, ventilation performance, reliable operation and easy installation and maintenance advantages.

JR and YR Series motors widely used to drive a variety of general machinery such as re-rolling mill, cement mill, steel mill ,compressors, pumps, brake, lifting machine and other mechanical transmission equipment, ball mill, blowers, pumps and wire drawing machines and other machinery and equipment..