JR Winding Electric Motor
JR Winding Electric Motor
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Product Introduction:

JR series motors are used to drive various mechanical applications, such as fans, compressors, pumps, crushers, cutting machines, elm machinery and other equipment. This series of motors are generally self ventilated protection. The motor should be no more than 1000 meters above sea level, and the air temperature in use is not higher than +40 C.

The basic installation type of JR series motors is IMB3 structure, that is, they have two end cap bearings and a cylindrical shaft extension, which can be connected to the driven mechanism by coupling. This series of motor is the protection type, according to the user's request, also can make the pipe ventilation type. The two sides symmetrical radial ventilation system is adopted. The motor is installed in horizontal type, and a cylindrical shaft is extended. The stator insulation of high voltage motor is coated with epoxy mica tape, and is treated by vacuum drying, and the whole pressure is impregnated with solvent free paint. The motor is equipped with slip ring, the slip ring is mounted on the non working shaft, and there is a protective cover outside. The electric current from the coil through the shaft through the shaft to the slip ring and the brush can prevent the brush from the powder and reduce the maintenance of the coil.