JR Slip Ring Ac Induction Motor
Product Details

JR series wound rotor slip-ring induction motor is one kind of three-phase asynchronous induction motor. It is always used to drive various machines, such as the blowers, compressors, water pumps, breakers, coal grinder, cutting machine tools, transportation facilities, and other equipment, furthermore. In general, it can be used as prime mover in the coal mines, machine building industry, power stations, and all kind of industrial and mining enterprises.

Main technical specifications


JR series wound rotor slip-ring induction    motor

Input voltage

6 Kv, 50/60 Hz, 3 phase

Rated power

50 Kw~1000 Kw

Synchronous speed

3000 rpm, 1500 rpm, 1000 rpm, 5000 rpm;    3600 rpm, 1800 rpm, 1200 rpm, 600rpm

Protection degree

IP 23

Cooling method

IC 01

Insulation class

Class F