High Voltage 6KV-10KV Electric Induction Motor
High Voltage 6KV-10KV Electric Induction Motor
Product Details
Driven   MachineBlower, Fan

Machine type   codeY2-400-6

machine typeSquirrel cage motor

Mounting designationIM 1001

protected by enclosureIP55

method of coolingIC411

Insulation / Temp. riseClass F/Class B


Ambient temperature, Max45°C

Altitude max.1000 m.a.s.l

rated output   / duty type330 KW / S1

voltage / frequency6300 V/ 50 Hz

rated current39 A

rated speed990 rpm

relat.   starting current5.5

relat. starting torque1

relat. Maximum torque2.1

no load current15 A

rated torque3183 Nm

load   charataritics Load%Current AEffeciency %Power factor




connection of   stator windingStar

direction of rotationBi-directional

sound   pressure level
    sinus supply , no load
77 dB(A), tolerance + 3dB(A), 1 m

rotor / load inertia14.3 kgm2 / 485 kgm2

maximum   stalling time18 s (warm)

starting time16.2 s (U= Un)
    28.0 s (U= 0.85Un)

number of conseq. Starts2/1 (cold/warm)

maximum number of starts1000 / year

Forces on the foundation,
    2-phase short circuit
Static 14.2 ± 4.5 KN
    Dynamic: 14.2 ± 30.3 KN